A museum of Lemko culture will be established in Komańcza

A museum of Lemko culture will be established in Komańcza

Lemko culture enthusiasts from the Komańcza commune want to create a museum of Lemko culture - a memorial site for the former inhabitants of this region. Beautiful clothes and icons, unusual ornaments or jewelry with a characteristic Carpathian design - all these were collected by Daria Boiwka, a resident of Komańcza, a Lemko artist. With real passion and commitment, she discovered everything that was left of Lemkos, and also created Lemko decorations herself.

Colorful Lemko necklaces (krywulkas) are the most unusual decoration of this collection. However, it also contains icons, paintings, pillows, tablecloths and authentic costumes, the oldest of which dates back to 1859.

The entire collection was bought from the artist's heir by the organization "Bractwo Sarepta" and the Association "Wilk"  . And it is they, together with the Komańcza Commune and the local Cultural Center, who plan to establish a museum or a memorial room, as well as to cultivate old design traditions by organizing workshops during which it will be possible to learn folk art.

The facility is also intended to help preserve the memory of the former inhabitants of the villages around Komańcza, who were displaced after World War II as part of the Vistula operation.

Below is a video material about the collection: LINK

More information on the website of the Komańcza Commune Office: LINK

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