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Bachledowa Valley

A valley on the northern slopes of the Spišská Magura in Slovakia, within the town of Ždiar. The Bachledzka Valley (or Bachledowa Valley) descends to the Zdziarska Valley opposite the Belianske Tatras.

A valley on the northern slopes of Magura Spiska in Slovakia , within the town of Żdiar . The Bachledzka Valley descends to the Żdiarska Valley opposite the Bielskie Tatras .

The Bachledzka Valley is a large ski resort, Ski Jezersko-Bachledova . It is situated at an altitude of 820-1151 m above sea level and has two ski runs: easy and difficult. The capacity is over 1,800 people / hour. There is a ski rental, service and ski school in Bachledowa Dolina. There are downhill runs not only to the southern slope to Ždiar, but also to the northern slope, to Jezersko .

The Bachledzka Valley is also a summer tourist center. A chairlift runs from Ždiar to the Spišská Magura ridge in the tourist season. On the vast grassy ridge there is the "Buffet pod Sedačkou", the lookout tower, the slide track, the " Kingdom of the Forest" children's playground, the cross sports field, and the field altar. It is also the crossing point of several hiking, biking andeducational paths .

The most spectacular object in the valley, however, is the "Treetop Trail", the length of which is 1234m and the height at the highest point is 24m. The path ends with a 32 m high observation tower, which offers an impressive view of the entire area.

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Bachledova Dolina, 059 55 Zdiar