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Bojkowska Gallery Myczków

The gallery is located in the vicinity of the Bojków Museum of Spiritual and Material Culture. The intimate interior exhibits the works of visual artists from Bieszczady, as well as artistic and utility craftsmanship. You can also drink excellent coffee, Boyko-style tea and sweeten it with a delicious cake.

There is a "Galeria u Bojków" at the Museum, which presents the products of artists and craftsmen from Bieszczady. You can buy souvenirs, books about the Bieszczady Mountains, maps, guides, etc., and above all, taste delicious coffee or tea in the Boyko style.

The museum owes its creation to the efforts of Stanisław Drozd, a historian and enthusiast of the folk culture of the Bieszczady Mountains. The beginnings of Mr. Stanisław's passion go back to the 70s of the last century, when he began to collect the first harvest.

They were stored in a primary school where, as a history teacher, he used them in his didactic work. Thanks to the involvement of students, parents and numerous donors, gathered around the idea of saving monuments of the past, a large collection of exhibits was created and the idea of establishing a Museum was born.

The help of the Solina Commune turned out to be indispensable here, as it took care of the newly created institution and allocated the commune building for its seat. The acquired European funds allowed for its renovation and adaptation to museum needs. In 2013, Stanisław Drozd donated the collected collections to the Municipal Cultural Center of Sport and Tourism in Solina with a seat in Polańczyk, and so from the school's historical studio they were transferred to the Municipal Museum of Spiritual and Material Culture Bojków in Myczków.

The Commune Museum of Spiritual and Material Culture Bojków in Myczków presents the cultural diversity of the Bieszczady Mountains, collects items related to the former life of the surrounding villages, manors and towns. It consolidates knowledge about the customs, rituals, traditions and everyday work of people of the past era. In particular, it tries to preserve the memory of Bojki, former inhabitants of the Bieszczady Mountains, who for over five centuries enriched the colorful ethnic landscape of these lands, and whose history was interrupted in the mid-twentieth century. Only a few traces of their presence and fading memories remain.

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Tuesday - Saturday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Myczków 46, 38-610 Polańczyk