Boykos - forgotten highlanders from Bieszczady


For 500 years, the Boykos lived in the wildest areas of the Bieszczady and Beskid Niski. Today their unforgettable history, culture and tradition are being rediscovered. Wandering along the sunken nature trails of the former Boyko settlements, we can see with the eyes of our imagination strong, persistent and hardened by the harsh climate of highlanders, who lead their herds of mountain pastures covered with flowers.

Discovering the new Bojków culture is a fascinating adventure that will lead us to the most beautiful and wildest regions of south-eastern Poland. A long way off the beaten paths, one can still find traces of old huts, churches and cemeteries, which have been taken over by nature a long time ago. Here and there, the old settlement is only revealed by wells destroyed with the passage of time and wild apple trees.

What to see?