“Culture - Tourism - Business. EtnoCarpathia - Premium Carpathian Brand Product”

“Culture - Tourism - Business. EtnoCarpathia - Premium Carpathian Brand Product”

On October 25, An international conference was held in Rzeszów. “Culture - Tourism - Business. EtnoCarpathia - Premium Product of the Carpathian Brand”, organized by the Association of the Carpathian Euroregion Poland.

Tourism, which is one of the priority areas of the Carpathian Euroregion, is based on the natural and cultural potential of the Carpathians. It is here that numerous ethnic and ethnographic groups meet, creating a unique cultural mix and an extraordinary place worth discovering. The element that is to promote this wealth of the region is the CARPATHIA brand, and more specifically its sub-brand - EtnoCarpathia, drawing on the richness of ethnographic cultures of the Polish-Slovak borderland.

The event was an opportunity to meet the public and private sector, bringing together representatives of local government units, as well as the world of science and business. Among practitioners, experts and economists, the prospect of commercialization of the cultural resources of the CARPATHIA brand house was discussed. By engaging the scientific community, the socio-economic environment of the brand and the spatial planning system of territorial sub-brands were analysed. EthnoCarpathia's potential was also explored by showing how to transform resources into products. At the end, the participants were invited for a journey through the Polish-Slovak borderland and for a meeting with true enthusiasts and guardians of the tradition of the Carpathian culture.

The conference ended with a gala with a fantastic concert of the band Wernyhora.


The conference was carried out as part of the "EtnoCarpathia" project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Interreg VA Poland - Slovakia 2014-2020 Cross-border Cooperation Program.

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