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Icon workshop in Cisna

When visiting the Bieszczady Mountains, you need to direct your steps to the Icon Studio in Cisna. Icons from this studio decorate, among others, the Vatican walls or the office of the Prime Minister.

The uniqueness of this place lies in the fact that in the place of the studio there is a gallery where you can obtain icons without the need to wait for their execution.

The creators of Pass execution icon of the selected pattern for a private person or institution (church, church, company)

The owner of the gallery is Jadwiga Denisiuk - born in 1951 in Zamość. After graduating from farming at the Agricultural University in Krakow moved in a charming that the Bieszczady s, residing first in Rural Medium and then Skorodne m Cisne Wańkowa above and below. He learns the art of icon writing for several years.

In his artistic output has exhibited work in Black, Lesko, France and decorating the church and the church that s.

In the near future, the owner is planning new, large exhibitions where she will show Carpathian icons depicting the nature of the border between two cultures: eastern and western. Leading icon workshops, together with his colleagues, he makes copies of medieval Ruthenian, Greek and Gothic icons.

Beautiful icons of the Mother of God in Bieszczady deserve attention. In the renovated church in Łopienka, there is a replica of the miraculous painting from Polańczyk.


Cisna 4, 38-607 Cisna