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Košiar oz

KOŠIAR z o. O. based in Topoli (Snina poviat) was established in order to support the preservation of the cultural heritage, traditional crafts and to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of the Ruthenian community living in the area of Vihorlat. Its aim is also to provide visitors to Połoniny with traditional folklore.

Jaroslav Lechan, who plays one of the main roles in the described project, says of himself “I am an ordinary, young person who does not care how the world changes and modernizes, slowly but surely forgetting the traditions of our ancestors. I am not afraid of physical work and I also try to lead my children to acquire manual skills, which are very necessary and will not fail. I think that a stay with us will be a really new and unforgettable experience for many. My goal is to make their stay in Połoniny more enjoyable and to make sense of their free time after the difficult hikes in the surrounding hills ”.

You can get here:

  • homemade bread baked in a traditional clay oven

  • home-made sheep's cheese and rye

  • traditional fired ceramics

The company also offers its services, such as:

  • guided tours around the area

  • construction of traditional clay kilns

  • plastering walls with clay plaster

  • laying a thatched roof

For those interested, there is a possibility of accommodation in guesthouses at Jara and Mira

Godziny otwarcia:

telephone and e-mail reservation


Topola 69, 069 65 Topola