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M&M Apibieszczady beekeeping farm

At the M&M Apibieszczady beekeeping farm, we can take part in beekeeping workshops under the watchful eye of an enthusiast and certified beekeeping master with over 20 years of experience in bee breeding

The Apibieszczady beekeeping farm is the result of the passion of Małgorzata and Marcin Mazgaj. In Jankowce near Sanok, they built a place where you can not only buy fantastic honey from Bieszczady, but also become a chaplain for a while.

The farm offers a modern and quite unusual form of apitherapy - the so-called apid hood. In this small wooden house, you can relax on one of the two bunks with beehives underneath. The air from these hives freely migrates to the interior of the house (although the bees are safely separated with a durable mesh). Thanks to this, the guest of the cottage can enjoy inhaling the balsamic air, saturated with the aromas of honey and propolis.

Another form of service offered on the farm are beekeeping workshops. Under the supervision of an experienced master with 20 years of experience, which is Mr.Marcin, dressed in safe overalls, the guests of the farm can find out how the interior of the hive is built, how to find a queen and drones in a swarm, what are the stages of bee development and what products are made in hive.

The farm also runs workshops and sells young bee colonies for professional beekeepers.


Jankowce 62, 38-600 Lesko