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Fragrant proziaki straight from the tin and regional additives - get to know the flavors of Podkarpacie.

Proziakowania is a stationary version of the Bies food truck from Ambusad. It specializes in baking fragrant proziaki, which are on the list of traditional products of the Podkarpackie Province.

The name "proziak" derives from the fluffing ingredient of this simple wheat dough, or "prose" (this is how baking soda, or sodium acid carbonate NaHCO₃, was referred to in the east of Poland. right on the sheet of a tiled stove, grandmothers pampered their grandchildren.

The local ingredients for the prats are produced and supplied mostly by local farmers, shepherds and butchers.

In Proziakownia, we can try proziaki, which are served in various flavors. We can enjoy them sweet, served with cottage cheese, honey and fruit. They are also savory, among others. with sheep cheese, deer sausage or smoked trout. The most classic version is with butter and wild garlic. Each of them is worth trying.

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Monday - Sunday: 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.


Rynek 22, 38-500 Sanok