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PrzedBieszczady Eco-tourism farm Dinners Lodging Cheese

PrzedBieszczady farm in Wisłok Wielki offers delicious goat cheeses of its own production, as well as delicious home-made dinners based on own products. A tourist can also buy home first aid kit products, made on the farm from local plants. There is also a Tourist Information point certified by the Polish Tourist Organization.

The facility is easy to find - it is located on the southern side of the road to Komancza, clearly marked with signs. Usually on the north side of this road you can see a grazing herd of goats belonging to the farm.

The Przedbieszczady farm specializes in the production of goat cheese of the following types:

- Bundz - is a rennet cheese, it is the first product made of milk immediately after milking, its taste is mild, sweet and delicate

- Natural white - it is a traditional cheese made of 100% fresh goat's milk with a delicate taste, high nutritional value, low fat content

- Mature goat cheese is spicy and spicy, it goes well with vegetables, olive oil, seafood and dry wine. It can be baked, added to stuffing and served with salads or snacks. The 'Przedbieszczadzki' cheese usually matures for six months.

- Bryndza - is a mature cheese with a strong, intense flavor. The cheese is first ground, then ground and salted. It is a rennet cheese typical of the entire Carpathians

- White smoked goat cheese with a distinct aroma and flavor

- Wallachian cheese - made from goat's milk. The name of this cheese comes from the Wallachian settlers, who dealt with pastoralism and cheese making.

The farm produces natural medicines based on herbs from ecologically clean meadows and forests in the area, such as pine syrup, dandelion syrup, chokeberry syrup, syrup from flowers and elderberries. You can also buy fresh and pickled mushrooms here.

You can also taste traditional, home-made and simple cuisine. Different soups are cooked every day, light and with a large amount of vegetables, using natural ingredients, without the addition of flavor enhancers. In addition to traditional dishes, hand-made dumplings prepared according to a strictly defined recipe are served. Pierogi zbójnickie from Wisłok Wielki spicy refer to the legend of the village, which was founded by robbers and adventurers, waiting for the property of merchants who were following the Nadosławice route; Łemka dumplings with buckwheat groats refer to the modest lifestyle of the Lemkos who used to live in this area; dumplings with spinach and goat cheese (made on the spot) are a unique, aromatic combination; dumplings with goat sheep cheese and many other types of dumplings, from traditional to sophisticated.

The farms in Przedbieszczady are multifunctional farms. It serves to disseminate the idea of education on the farm. Its purpose as an educational farm is to disseminate knowledge about the origin of food, diversify non-agricultural activities in rural areas, preserve the cultural heritage of the countryside and raise the prestige of the farmer profession.

On the Przedbieszczady farm there are educational workshops for children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. Educational programs implemented on the farm are related to animal husbandry and the production of goat and Wallachian cheese.

The farm also runs a 24-hour Tourist Information, which has been certified by the Polish Tourist Organization.

There are guides, maps, catalogs and timetables available here.


Godziny otwarcia:

24h / whole year


Wisłok Wielki 40, 38-543 Komańcza