Study Tour around the Polish-Slovak borderland in the atmosphere of ETNO

Study Tour around the Polish-Slovak borderland in the atmosphere of ETNO

The Carpathian Euroregion Poland Association invites you to take part in a study visit to the Polish-Slovak borderland.


Are you looking for an amazing adventure? Do you dream to get away from the crowds and plunge into the past for a moment? Do you want to experience a new one with all your senses and at the same time discover the world in an ethno atmosphere? This is what we are looking for. Join us -


VISIT FOR BLOGGERS / VLOGERS / JOURNALISTS dealing with the subject of tourism.

You have the opportunity to meet other travel enthusiasts and learn about the cultural heritage of the former inhabitants of the Carpathians. With us you will discover interesting places and get to know the unique atmosphere of Carpathian towns and villages, and experience the hospitality of their inhabitants.


Details of the visit:

  • Organizer: Association of the Carpathian Euroregion Poland in Rzeszów
  • Place: the Carpathians, specifically the Polish-Slovak borderland
  • Dates: August 22-26, 2022
  • The team: bloggers / vloggers / journalists - true travel enthusiasts, history seekers and lovers of discovering new places
  • Goal: we get to know the new tourist product "EtnoCarpathia", that is, experience the Carpathians in an ethno climate, explore the cultural heritage of the Polish-Slovak borderland
  • Attractions: we walk in the footsteps of Lemkos, Boykos, Pogórzans and Dolinians as well as the inhabitants of the Slovak Šariš, Zemlin and Zamagurz, discovering forgotten villages, visiting, among others wooden churches from the UNESCO World Heritage List and old castles listening to the local legends, getting to know local crafts and extracting old recipes for traditional dishes, as well as wandering in the treetops and gazing at the sky full of stars admiring the beauty of nature
  • Costs: we cover the costs of food and accommodation, transport, entrance tickets and the participation of the guide during the study tour
  • Number of places: limited, so please make your decision quickly.