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The Bieszczadzka Goat farm

" Goats grazing in the mountain pastures give great milk" - this is how the seller in the shepherd's hut advertises this place.

When Aleksandra and Miłosz came to this place and took over the farm - they did not plan to breed animals. However, an accident, or rather a tightening of the subsidy received for agricultural activity, forced the purchase of animals for breeding. The choice fell on the seemingly undemanding goat. The beginnings of working with goats were difficult. Today, the herd consists of over 200 queens, both of Alpine and Carpathian breeds and hybrids. The goats graze almost "in the wild" walking in the surrounding meadows. Daily milking takes place, which produces about 200l of milk. "Live", unpasteurized milk is used for the production of cheeses. The only technological additive is lactic acid bacteria, besides, flavor additives are used (local herbs, wild garlic, lavender, hot peppers, pepper, fenugreek).

You will be delighted by eating cheese balls packed in jars, covered in olive oil with the addition of wild garlic. For home, you can buy sliced cheese cubes with the addition of herbs and hot pepper. Lick your fingers!

You can also buy jams and preserves from fruit harvested in the Bieszczady Mountains.

The farm is reached by a road made of concrete slabs, which ends at the church in Smolnik - attention! Goats often walk this road. Remember - they are here at home. Nearby, in the valley, one of the most famous culinary and accommodation places in the High Bieszczady - Wilcza Jama awaits tourists.

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Smolnik 25, 38-713 Smolnik