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The Carpathian Food inn

The restaurant is located in the very center of Sanok, on the Main Square. It is a unique place where the past meets the present. Decorated in a regional style, with numerous decorations reminding of the rich history of the region. The Carpathian food served in the Tavern and the traditional cuisine have gained many supporters, as evidenced by numerous culinary awards, distinctions and certificates.

Thanks to the extraordinary cuisine, you will move to the Galician times, you will taste Lemko and Boyko, Old Polish and Ukrainian dishes. The specialties are simple dishes, based on various types of groats, peas, cabbage, potatoes, wholemeal flour and regional buttermilk.

Tavern specialty

Czanachy - a soup made of several types of beans with the addition of pork
Fuczki - pancake dough with sauerkraut in the shape of pancakes with cream
Hreczanyki with forest mushroom sauce and beetroot - minced meat with buckwheat, fried in the shape of schnitzel
Tables with onion and red cabbage salad - cabbage rolls, stuffed with grated potatoes, baked in the oven
Wholemeal spelled dumplings - stuffing with meat (topped with pork scratchings)
Wholemeal spelled dumplings - stuffing (topped with pork scratchings)
Zalewajka with buttermilk - sour soup based on buttermilk with a lot of caraway
On a bear trail (in the summer season) - cold soup made of wild garlic on regional buttermilk with egg


Godziny otwarcia:

April - October 10 - 22

November - March 11 - 20

kitchen 12 - 20


ul. Rynek 12, 38-500 Sanok