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Ursa Maior Beer Factory in Bieszczady

Ursa Maior is the only regional brewery in the Bieszczady Mountains. Created out of passion for beer and love for nature and the Bieszczady Mountains, it not only produces great craft beers, but also cares for the natural and social space in which it operates.

Wytwórnia Piwa Ursa Maior is the only regional brewery in the Bieszczady Mountains. It is a small craft brewery. Ursa Maior Center was established in 2013.

This place was created with the region and the Bieszczady nature in mind. B udynek uses renewable energy, and allocates part of its profits to the promotion and protection of the Bieszczady Mountains.

All URSA beers are top-fermented (so-called but), unfiltered, unpasteurized and naturally carbonated beers, thanks to which, among others, they retain all valuable vitamins and minerals. They are not flavored beers - all flavors come from the raw materials used and are the result of the work of yeast.

While visiting the brewery, we can see how beer is brewed and learn many interesting things in the field of brewing. It is also possible to taste beers and other regional products.

Ursa Maior in Uherce Mineralne is a unique place, full of space, inspiration, good music, great beer and real regional products. During one visit, you will experience the passion of the people who create the beers of Bieszczadzka Wytwórnia Piwa Ursa Maior, see the Borderland Art Salon, try delicious beers, unique juices and snacks, and buy beers and other authentic regional products in the Esencja Karpat store.

There is also a bar on site and fresh draft and bottled beers. All this is surrounded by wild greenery and an unusual atmosphere.

Godziny otwarcia:

The Carpathian Essence Store

from monday to  Saturdays from 10:00 - 16:00
closed on Sundays


Uherce Mineralne 122A, 38-623 Uherce Mineralne