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Arkadiusz Andrejkow mural (Silent Memorial)

The Silent Memorial is a series of many boards and murals scattered all over the Podkarpacie region. Deskal is a type of mural painted on boards of old barns, houses, etc., based on old family photographs.

About this interesting art form is best to let the author tell their words Bieszczady board and murals Arkadiusz Andrejkow "silent memorial is a project from 2017 that was born during the many trips between towns podkarpackimi. Observing subsequent villages, I noticed a lot of painting potential in the old barns and sheds. I thought that they could be such an unusual outdoor and rural street art gallery. The walls of the wooden barns were perfectly prepared painting surfaces for me. Due to their austerity and lack of undercoat, they were practically ready to start working. Originally thinking about the themes of the murals, I imagined large-scale, scaled portraits of old people, focusing on the faces themselves, but such a portrait shot was something very typical for me and I wanted to take on something new. During the project, I used old family photos from the places where the mural was created. Most often they were photos from the private collections of the owners of a given barn, who were very keen to capture someone from their family. Project observers called the murals on the barns deskals. Each of the individual works was created in one day. I painted them sketchy, transparently to leave as much austere wall as possible. For the characters to come out of it, to be an integral part of a given object, as if they have always been here ... "

These are the words of the author of these works of art, and now we are left to set out on a journey along the trail of several dozen of the artist's works scattered throughout the entire area of south-eastern Poland.

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