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City Museum and Gallery Velky Saris

The City Museum and Gallery in Wielki Szaresz is a young cultural institution, located at the local school, currently being relocated to its new seat. The museum and gallery cover an area of approximately 200m.

Veľký Šariš - a town in Slovakia in the Prešov Region, in 2011 had a population of around 5.3 thousand. population. It is located in Toryys, 5 km north-east of Prešov.


The first museum exhibition was an exhibition devoted to the Castle of Shariya, which contained 350 archaeological finds from the period from the 12th to the 17th century, when the castle was completely destroyed. The first premiere in the gallery belonged to the painter Edmund Capák. In the museum part, there is still an exhibition about the Castle of Gray. Bui outside of the museum and galleries are wooden sculptures. These are objects classified as contemporary art. In addition to many monuments from the region, the museum and gallery often exhibit works by well-known and respected contemporary artists, not only domestic.

Visiting the exhibitions and exhibitions of the Museum and the City Gallery may, upon prior arrangement, take place on a date other than that specified in the opening hours.

Due to relocation and reconstruction works, the Museum and City Gallery are temporarily closed.

Godziny otwarcia:

Tue - Thu 10.00 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.


Nameste sv. Jakuba 33, 082 21 Velky Saris