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Deskal Lemko girls from Komańcza

The deskal "Lemko girls from Komancza" is the quintessence of a series of deskboards created by the artist Arkadiusz Andrejkow. Deskal is a type of mural painted on boards of old barns, houses, etc., based on old family photographs.

Arkadiusz Andrejkow, the author of the series of desk boards as part of the Silent Memorial project, created a typical desk board on the wall of an old wooden barn in Komańcza, depicting the girls who lived in Komancza before World War II. The painting was inspired by a photo from 1938 of the eminent ethnographer and photographer Roman Rainfuss. "The Lemko girls from Komańczy"

. Since the appearance of this deskal in the public space of Komańcza, it has become a kind of showcase of this town. It attracts the eyes of every inhabitant of Komańcza as well as numerous tourists who came to Komańcza on purpose or passed through it. According to the statement by the artist Arkadiusz Andrejkow, each street art work was created in one day. Each of these works was painted sketchy and transparent to leave as much rawness as possible on the wall. So that the characters come out of it, they are an integral part of a given object, as if they have always been here.

Deskal was created as a result of the involvement of the Komańcza commune in this matter and is located near the mural "Puchacz".

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Komańcza, 38-543 Komańcza