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Evangelical church in Levoča

The Evangelical Church in Lewoczy is a classicist church of the Evangelical-Augsburg denomination with a historic character. It is located within the town square of Levoča and has a characteristic dome shape.

The Evangelical Church in Levoča is an Evangelical-Augsburg church built in the classical style, now located within the town square of Levoča.

In the years 1544–1674, when the Reformation reached the territory of today's Slovakia, Lutherans dominated in Levoča, and the town was an important Evangelical center. At that time, the Evangelicals were in charge of all city churches. As the Counter-Reformation was unfolding, Protestants were constrained in their religion and were forced to build a new church outside the city walls. Unfortunately, this church burned down at the beginning of the 18th century.

Today's church is the successor of the second wooden church of Levoča Protestants, which existed from 1713 on the site of today's Evangelical cemetery. The church is located in the southern part of the elongated market square in Levoča, on the site of former butcher's shops . Built in 1825-1837 according to the design of architect Anton Povolny, it was consecrated on August 17, 1837. The church was built on a Greek cross plan and was crowned with a large dome on an octagonal building. From the outside, there are high, semicircular closed windows separated by pilasters . Inside, there is a monumental main altar with a painting of Christ walking on the waves, by GH Richter, which is a copy of the work of the famous Levoča painter Jozef Csauczik. There are also valuable baroque crosses: iron and wooden. A wooden cross from 1713, was moved here from the old church, as well as the baptismal font from 1714. Valuable organ from 1697. Damaged for half a century and an impressive chandelier , suspended in the dome, are gifts of the Evangelicals from Berlin, 1937. Attention the collection of thirteen "Salvator Mundi" (Savior of the World) paintings, which depict the apostles with their attributes, also returns.

Currently, the church is used by only about 200 believers.


Lewocza Namestie Majstra Pavla 3/3, 054 01 Levoca