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Zdynia is the place of the Lemko Watra

The Lemko diaspora, scattered all over the world, comes to Zdynia on the second weekend of July to plunge into the beauty of the Low Beskids and soak up the fantastic atmosphere of the festival of Lemko culture WATRA in Zdynia.

" Feast of Lemko Culture, Lemko Watra in Zdynia (Łem. Żdynia) is a time of annual meetings, extremely important for the Lemkos: generational, family and friendly. Meetings that unite us with a common song, gather around important matters. That was the initial idea Wladyslaw Graban people linked to the Representative Song and Dance Ensemble Łemkowyna from Bielanka. The first Watry was the group's artistic workshops, which grew stronger each year.
Lemko Watra wandered around the Lemko region, first to Czarna (near Uście Gorlicki) in 1983, 1984, then to Hańczowa in 1985 and Bartne in 1986, 1987, 1988 and 1989. Initially, these were small, informal meetings, and with time evolved into today's form of a large festival. All these changes are the fruit of many years of hard work of many people.

Zdynia (Lemko name of the village Ждиня) is a small village like many in the Low Beskids. It is distinguished from the rest of the town by its unique picturesqueness and magnetism, which attracts Lemkos (and not only Lemkos!) From all over the world once a year in July.
Since 1990, Łemkowska Watra has been organizing the Union of Lemkos in Zdynia, it is here that Watra has made its home for good. This event expanded, grew over time, both the size and scope of the event increased. Over time, the facility on which it is held has also been modernized. The Watry area is 2.5 hectares of fenced area with extensive gastronomic and sanitary infrastructure, an amphitheater, a stage with stage facilities and a mini open-air museum. The total area of the festival is 9.5 ha. "

Based on the website: watrazdynia.pl

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Opening hours: the Lemko WATRA festival usually takes place on the second weekend of July, activity on the stage - in the afternoon according to the program


Zdynia, 38-309 Uście Gorlickie